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As an indie developer, I do not want nor have any use of your personal data. Not collecting anything about you not only preserve your privacy but also make my life much simpler, so it's a win-win.

Below are details on non personal-identifiable information that I do collect as part of running the app.

Data Collection

Crash Reports

What is it?

Information about app crashes and errors that occur while you use the app. This information may include details about your device, operating system, app version, and the circumstances of the crash. All information are anonymized.

When the app crashes or run into other errors, the app will send a crash report to Crashlytics (the third party service I use for collecting crash reports). Those reports contain information about the crash, such as time of the crash, the device model and app version. See Crashlytics's Privacy Policy to learn more.

Why I collect this data

Crash reports are used to identify and fix bugs and stability issues in the app. Data such as device model, app version helps me narrow down the cause of the issue.

Analytics Data

What is it?

Anonymous app usage data, such as the features you use most frequently. Those data are not tied to any user identifiable information.

When you visit certain screens or use certain features within the app, the app will send a event to an self hosted Plausible instance. The event contains information about app UI, feature you've visited or used. Since this service is self hosted, this data is not shared with any third party. Plausible's data policy can be found here and goes into the details about what data is collected.

Why I collect this data

I periodically analyze anonymous usage data to understand how the app is used, this helps me prioritize bug fixes and new feature development.

miaocast+ Purchase Data

What is it?

If you sign up for the optional miaocast+ subscription within the app, I also collect anonymous purchase data so that I can keep track of which user has subscribed to the plan. Details about your purchases such as your name, billing information, addresses etc are all managed by Google Play and are not visible to me. I only know if you have purchased a subscription or not and some details about the subscription such as when it renews or expires etc.

If you did not sign up for the miaocast+ subscription then this data is not collected at all.

This anonymous data is also shared with RevenueCat, the third party service I used to verify and managed purchase data.

Why I collect this data

This purchase data is essential for me to offer the optional miaocast+ subscription, since I need to know who is a subscriber to unlock the extra features that are part of the subscription.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or miaocast's data practices, please contact me at

This Privacy Policy was last updated on May 25, 2024.

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